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1 recite in elocution [syn: recite]
2 speak against in an impassioned manner; "he declaimed against the wasteful ways of modern society" [syn: inveigh]

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From declamare.


  1. To object to vociferously; to rail against in speech.


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

blare, blare forth, blaze, blaze abroad, blazon, blazon about, celebrate, chatter, converse, cry, cry out, debate, demagogue, elocute, gab, grimace, ham, ham it up, harangue, herald, herald abroad, hold forth, mouth, mug, orate, out-herod Herod, overact, overdramatize, patter, perorate, proclaim, promulgate, rabble-rouse, rant, rave, read, recite, roar, rodomontade, shout, soapbox, speak, spiel, spout, talk, throw away, thunder, thunder forth, trumpet, trumpet forth, tub-thump, underact, wag the tongue
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